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At Nixon’s Martial Arts our Karate Classes & Fitness Kickboxing training is so popular because no other activity can provide the same positive results, on a personal level, for each individual participant. Whether your goals are self-confidence, personal development, fitness, self defence, flexibility or to earn a black belt, our school will take you there.
From our Kids Karate Program to our Adult Karate Classes to our KickFit Fitness Kickboxing classes, our instructors are dedicated to helping you and your family achieve your goals.

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“The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants.” 

What Makes Nixon's martial arts different

  • Our Core 7 Principles
  • Low Student to Instructor Ratio
  • World Class Instruction
  • Consistency In Instruction
  • Black Belt Instructors
  • Leadership Mentoring
  • Support and Service
  • Our Great Environment
  • The Results!
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