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Adult Karate Classes for Fitness & fun

Adult Karate Classes

At Nixon’s Martial Arts our  Adult Karate Classes represent the perfect environment for strengthening one’s body, mind and spirit. Through a blend of traditional and contemporary martial arts teaching styles our adult students see great results soon after joining. As a result, adults who enjoy our Karate program notice immediate improvements in their cardio vascular ability, flexibility, strength and overall physical coordination. 

Along with the numerous physical benefits, our students see a reduction in stress, have improved concentration, an increase in self-confidence and self discipline. Furthermore, they gain the  peace of mind that comes from the ability to protect oneself and one’s family. Our Adult Karate Classes are  designed to challenge and motivate you, encourage and educate you, but above all it’s designed for your enjoyment. Whether you’re 13 or 80, our program has the benefits you’re looking for and will help you achieve all your goals.

Some of the many benefits

The Original Fitness program

At Nixon's Martial Arts our Adult Karate Classes are the perfect blend of traditional Martial Arts and modern fitness methodologies. As a result, you get the perfect full body workout in every class!

Set Your own pace

We know how challenging it can be to start something new! Every exercise is modifiable and scalable. Before you know it you'll be running laps around your old self. Most importantly, we're there with you all the way.

Great Stress Relief

Coming to a Karate class is a great way to "check your bags at the door". A great workout is a well proven tool in the fight against the stresses of modern life. At Nixon's Martial Arts each class is that great workout.

Peace of mind

Our Adult Karate Classes combine the best of old school techniques and modern self defence methods to give you the peace of mind that you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

Black Belt Instruction

Our Adult classes are taught BY adults! Our instructors bring their vast experience in the Martial Arts to every class. Therefore, their goal is to see you achieve your goals!

The results!

Our Adult Karate Classes get results! Whether you're looking to become an awesome, well rounded Black Belt, improve your fitness level or just relieve the stress of day to day life, our program is for you!

more kind words........

Mr Nixon has a unique teaching style. One in which he blends discipline and humour, tradition and innovation. Whether you are recreational, amatuer, competitive or a professional martial artist, Nixon's Martial Arts is where you want to train.
Aaron Bland
In my time at Nixon's Martial Arts, I was able to build on my knowledge of the martial arts and better develop my technique. Mr. Nixon truly has a passion for the martial arts, and that passion is translated through his teachings to students of all levels.
Lucas Grenning

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