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About Our Kids Karate Classes

At Nixon’s Martial Arts our Kids Karate Classes are designed for children 6 to 13 years of age. At the core of our program we address and strengthen the qualities that children require in today’s fast paced society. Qualities such as self-confidence and self-esteem have become fundamental to the healthy emotional and mental development of today’s children. Our program helps to instil a strong sense of self-worth which becomes the child’s foundation for dealing with unhealthy peer pressure. In addition, our program emphasizes other important life skills such as self-discipline, respect for others, strong listening skills and an increasingly important understanding of physical fitness.

More Benefits

Karate & Academics

Did you know that Martial Arts instruction has a unique ability to create grade “A” students? It’s no coincidence that a lot of our students bring home top marks on their report cards. Our kids karate classes focus on a student’s development by improving their attention span, their concentration and helping them set personal goals.

a different kind of education

At Nixon’s Martial Arts our goal is consistent and professional instruction in every class. With our small student to instructor ratio each student gets time with the instructor and NO ONE is ever “left behind”. Our instructors are there to re-enforce our 7 Principles in every class and to make classes both educational and fun. 

Great physical Exercise

Does your child seem to have a lot of excess energy? Wouldn’t it be nice to take some of that extra zeal for yourself? While we can’t help you there, we can lend a hand in wearing your child out through fun physical activities. It’s important in a child’s development to include physical activity as it promotes a healthy lifestyle later in life. While expending their energy in our kids karate program, children also build strength, flexibility, balance, and hand-eye coordination. At Nixon’s Martial Arts the Kids Karate Classes are a positive and fun way for a child to achieve their fitness goals.


Our Leadership Development Program is designed for members who meet the required qualities and display the initiative of a future instructor. As a Leadership Team Member you will have an important role to play in every class you participate in. In essence, your role is as an instructor-in-training. Often the more critical but less measurable role is as a mentor for the lower belt students. Team members will be trained in the art of communication. Much more than the technical skill involved in throwing a side kick, your skill as a successful communicator and motivator will determine your success as a teacher.

More Kind Words

Mr. Nixon made a big difference in my life that went beyond just the martial arts.  I began my training with him at the age of 9. As a child, he instilled self-discipline, focus, a strong sense of community, and good fitness habits that still persist 20 years later.

Stuart Pearson PHD Candidate

Mr. Nixon has always had this ability to see me for who I am and really pushed me to be the best version of myself (even when I couldn’t see it at times. He has given me so many opportunities to identify my strengths and he helped set me on my lifelong career path of working with children when I started to instruct with him in some of his classes. I spent countless hours with him at the dojo and it really felt like a home to me. I still feel, after all these years, that he is someone I can turn to when I need support and I truly appreciate and cherish the friend I have made in the process. In short, his knowledge and passion for martial arts is endless and I wouldn’t have wanted to train under anyone else.

Carey Lewis Professor Early Childhood Education

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