Titan Leather Boxing Gloves 16oz

Titan cowhide leather gloves will exceed all your expectations. These 16oz gloves feature four-core layers of padding that make it possible to efficiently combine dampening and impact resistance effect for professional training. They feature a three inch wide full leather wraparound wrist strap and durable hook-and-loop security. A moisture wicking lining for comfort and dryness combined with top quality genuine cowhide leather makes the perfect glove to take a beating and keep coming back for more.


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Titan Leather Boxing Gloves 16oz

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  • Made of cowhide leather for maximum durability.
  • Designed to keep hands comfortable and protected.
  • Extra thick Four-Core layers padding.
  • Moisture wicking lining will keep your hands dry and comfortable.
  • Ensures a secure fit for training while making the gloves easy to put on or take off


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