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What Is KickFit?

Fitness Kickboxing

At Nixon’s Martial Arts our unique KickFit Fitness Kickboxing Training Program is a focused, efficient, total-body workout that delivers serious results. Fitness Kickboxing is one of the original H.I.I.T. programs that combines the most powerful benefits of karate and kickboxing without the sparring or competitive elements. It’s the most kickboxing you’ll get in one workout! 

KickFit Fitness Kickboxing classes are a fun way to amp up your workout and burn mega-calories. Each class is a unique blend of Karate and Kickboxing techniques as well as calisthenic, plyometric and core exercises. Results come quickly as you begin to shape, tone, strengthen and build endurance. This is an intense workout with high repetition movements that burn calories and gets you the body you’re looking for – fast! Don’t wait…Get Started Today!

Train Like a Fighter. Experience the Difference:

The Six Things That Will Happen When You Start KickFit Fitness Kickboxing:

Get Stronger

Calisthenic and plyometric exercises are a great way to build and tone muscle

Improved Cardio

Between the Karate and Kickboxing, plan on a great aerobic workout in each class

Practical Striking

Get fit while learning proper striking and kicking techniques from someone with 35 years experience

Improved Balance

Balance is a key part of any great workout. Kickboxing is THE great balance improver!

Better Flexibility

As your kicking technique improves so will your overall flexibility.

Have Fun!

Our instructors are high energy and motivating! They make every class challenging and fun!